Simon Macbeth

Simon Macbeth

some dude sat in a chair looking out of the window. It's one of those pointless shitty pictures people have on their website cos they think it looks look. Count yourself look that you're blind, so you don't have to see it. Oh, do you like kittens? Yes? Well, it's a cute kitten, honest! It is! Anyway, go buy a website from Simon Macbeth!

Do you like this website?  Want one for yourself?  Something shit?  Then bugger off! Want a good website?  From an honest and talented team?  Then speak with Simon Macbeth from www.121.org.uk

Simon Macbeth and is team from Leeds love working with nice people to build fab websites.  If you are not nice then fuck off, they will not want to work with you.  If you think you know more about building websites than Simon and his team, then fuck off and go build your own website!!  Too many dick heads in the world that think they know best. Well, if you’re one of them, than go build your own. However, if you’re polite, and good at cooperating with others than give us a call – our details can be found on your contact page…… did you already guess that?  No – then fuck off, we don’t want to work with idiots either.

Want to know more about Simon and his awesome website team?  Then google him! OK, we have done the hard work for you.

Simon Macbeth Sex Change

In 2017 Simon Macbeth had a sex change.  He’s now a lady.  Below is a picture of him. Honest, it is him.  OK, shut up, it’s not….. or is it??!!

simon macbeth leeds dressed as a lady

Oh Yeah, he wrote a Book !!

Go read it!! You know you wanna!!  Its for sale on Amazon.  Its called Too Tired To Play Games, or Simon’s Book as most people call it.  It’s only £2.99!! But might be more.  Sometimes he changes the price to £50.  not sure why has no bugger ever pays that much. Tell you what.  If you buy a copy, write a good review, he’ll give you £50 off any website design package. But, your review needs to be honest!!! If you don’t like it then give it a one star review.  But, then you can fuck off, cos he wont like you and wont want to work with you.

Anyway, rant over!! Go buy a website, no porn tho, or drugs, or idiots, or con men, or twats that don’t want to pay. Or black people!! Kidding… about the black people, well unless your any of the other things on the list, then you can fuck off too 😀